My favorite comix

By: Dark as Pikachu

My favorite comic that Comix inc. has made as of now is by far, Pete Conscience. The comix of this series that I love the most is the one where Pete jumps off a building after a guy tells him that its faster to get down the skyscraper then taking the elevator. For those who do not know who Pete C. is, he is a guy who is way too open to suggestions. I think that the one thing they should add is that there should be a individual name for each comix in the series. My rating for this series, on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 9 and 1/2 because it is just so hilarious to think that Pete C. has pretty much no idea what he should do like EVER. The reason I am not giving a full ten stars is because of the fact that there are not names for each comix, which is a little disappointing. Otherwise, this comix series deserves 10 stars!

Dark as Pikachu